Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things I am Thankful For....

  • I am thankful that my childhood was not easy - Because it made me strong

  • I am thankful that god gave me Brittany - Because it made me focused

  • I am thankful that I divorced my ex-husband the right way - Because it made it easier on Brittany

  • I am thankful that I got fired from my job right after my divorce - It forced me to leap forward and was the beginning of my new life!

  • I am thankful that fear didn't steer me wrong when it came to moving to Florida with Brittany

  • I am thankful that my cousin Tasha met Jason - Because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have Tim!

  • I am thankful for Tim because he made my life whole

  • I am thankful that I was told I couldn't have kids - just so I could prove them wrong and because of that I enjoy Logan even more!

  • I am thankful for the gift god gave me when I had Logan - It wasn't an easy road but I truly know how much I can endure and know all will be okay.

  • I am thankful for my family because they had to give up so much when I started my new life and we still reamin so very close.

  • I am thankful for my in-laws and all the extended family that came with my marriage because they are there for my kids and for me....and they don't mind that I lean on them so much because my family is not here.

  • I am thankful for everyone

  • I am thankful for the choices I have made

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Thanksgiving!
Is it time to eat yet?????

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Husband's Patience...

I sometimes wonder how my Hubby puts up with me and all my quirks. I have to admit I am not the best wife by far! I don't make him dinner, or hand him a beer after a long day, or even baby him when he is sick. Obviously he is getting the raw end of the deal. I am opinionated and always have to argue why my way makes the most sense (I avoided the...I am always right phrase)..or what is the proper way to discipline the kids. So one day I had to stop and think...what DO I do? You have no idea how hard it was I am going to try and be better.

Top 10 Things We Argue About..

10. Who got more sleep the night before

9. Who's turn it is to change Logan if he has had a accident

8. What are we having for dinner

7. Who's turn is it to go and fetch a gallon of milk from the store

6. Not spending enough quality time together & disciplining the kids

5. Regarding how things just tend to show up in the mailbox that I have ordered online

4. That there is a proper way to open a 12pak of soda

3. Me taking over the outlets on his side of the vanity and not picking up my makeup some mornings.

2. Cleaning the finger prints off the patio door is a big deal

..And the number one answer is..

1. That a man will live longer by having sex 4 times a week

Friday, November 14, 2008

Miles Apart…Yet So Close To My Heart

My little sister has always been my best friend. But me moving to Florida truly broke her heart. She knew it was something I needed to do…but we struggle with all we had to give up to allow me to create a new life. We had dreams of raising our children together and playing such a huge role in their lives. I sometimes feel like I let her down along with my niece and nephew. We would do everything together…we were each other’s rock. She was such a big part of Brittany’s life and unfortunately Logan is missing out on that. We played through every scenario in our minds to come up with a fail safe plan on how we can make it still work…but it always has a snag.
I think the holidays are the hardest for us…especially the years that I don’t go home for Christmas. I thought by having a blog and us having Facebook we would feel better because we could see what each other is doing and keep in touch better. But instead it makes us sad because we get to see all that we are both missing out on. So that ended up being snag #2590!
How do I make things better? I need brainstorming comments!

My next plan is video conferencing nightly after dinner!

My Sister Tonya!

My Neice & Nephew (Allie & Ethan)..along with Logan

Our Honorary Walk For Ryan!

Me, Brittany, Jenn, and Charlotte have joined the March of Dimes -March For Babies in honor of Jenn's little guy, Ryan. We are walking on Sunday, Nov. 16th. He was born 8 weeks early and we are thankful everyday for all the love and care he received by some very special people in the NICU. So we are walking to celebrate his triumph and raise money to make sure every child gets their 9 months!

GatorWalk 2008!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catching Up...

My life got busy..and my blog just didn't rank as high on my lists of to-do's unfortunately. But after noticing that Jenn and Tim started back up..I figured it wasn't too late for me. So Let me summarize the last 3 months!

My Daughter Started Her Senior Year.

Vince Turned the Big '60'!

Braedyn Turned "2"

Visited Laine & Watched Him Play Football...

I Went To Michigan To See My Sister....and we joined the 'Walk For Breast Cancer'

Then of course Halloween!

Mickey's Not So Scarey Halloween Party

Pumpkin Carving

Logan's Photo Shoot

Oh..and how could I forget..Brittany's Senior Homecoming Dance..

So no one can say we have not been we like it that way! I love to make sure my kids get to experience as much as they can and I love anytime we spend with family!
So Bring on Thanksgiving and