Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas With Tim's Family...

Logan loves his new car!

Santa was good to Britt

Where is Logan???

Tim's Brother's Family-Jason, Holly, and Braedyn

Tim's Sister's Family - Jenn, Chris, and Baby Ryan

Tim's Parents & Grandparents

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Logan in the snow..

Logan loved the snow in Minnesota. I had a hard time letting him play outside due to how cold it was. But he had a blast anyway. Daddy took him sledding down the big hills with Sissy, but logan would cry when he found out he had to walk all the way back up the hill before he could do it again.

Christmas in Minnesota

I was so happy to go to Minnesota and celebrate Christmas with my family. I was able to spend time with my niece and nephew along with my Mom and sisters. Logan loved the snow but I was scared to let him play outside for very long due to it being sooo cold. We all went skiing, played Wii, went to the indoor waterpark (even my Mom went down the waterslide) and celebrated Logan's birthday. Brittany wimped out after only to trips down when we went skiing - but I think she just wanted to check out the snowboarder

Here are a few pics:

Logan and Allie decorating the tree at the resort

View from our window at the resort

See..they don't even look cold and it was -10 degrees

Logan loved his birthday cake that grandma got for him!

Brittany and Grandma

Daddy & Logan playing at the waterpark

Quality time with my sister, Tonya...

It was so great to spend time with my sister. It is something I really miss by living in Florida. She has a wonderful husband and kids. My God daughter Allie is a fireball one moment and then a sweet caring love bug the next. Ethan is my sensitive and caring nephew who is still rough and tumble. He races snowmobiles and has trophies everywhere in his room. I will miss them even more now!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Timing is everything..

Well we are finished packing and are totally prepared for the weather and the flight...or so we thought.
Logan woke up at 3am with a fever of 102, which progressed thoughout the day and then to add to it a stuffy nose, watery eyes, and a slight cough. Thank God for his peditrician, he is wonderful. He arranged for Logan to see him right away and made sure we could safely travel without worry.
So now my little guy is finally sleeping and has had his first dose of antibiotics. I am crossing my fingers that he is able to sleep because his body was running on empty.
Say a little prayer...

Preparing For The Holidays...

We are all busy planning for our trip to Minnesota to see my family. We look forward to it every other year. As a family we enjoy going skiing and snowmobiling and just experiencing a change from the Florida life. I am anxious to see my Niece and Nephew! I miss them so much!! This will be Logan's 2nd time flying - which makes me very nervous. He is at the age where his attention span is very short which is going to make it harder keeping him busy for a 3 hour flight. I will need to make sure that Tim takes his "Patient" pills so he can deal with me
I am almost done with my Christmas Shopping, though I always want to buy more for the kids because that is where I get such great joy from, but Tim had to put me on a strict budget due to our trip...ERR...but I need
We are planning on going to see Tim's family on the 15th. I am dying to see my god child, Ryan. I was sick the last two times he visited, so I couldn't give him hugs and kisses. Also, it will be nice to see our niece Braedyn, we don't get to see her very often - I hope she likes what me and Britt picked out for her.

Logan is prepared for snow