Monday, May 12, 2008

A Mother's Day...

I had a very nice day. Tim and the kids made me a huge breakfast. Then the kids gave me their presents..Logan made me the cutest picture stand clip with a poem attached that he made at daycare. Britt got me the DVD I have been cool! No matter how many times I told him I didn't want anything, my stubborn husband managed to get me something awsome anyway...thanks sweetie!
We had Tim's Mom and Dad over for the afternoon. We sipped margaritas and Tim made kabobs on the grill and we just had a nice visit. Things got a little crazy when we had to try and put Logan down for a nap when his grandparents were there..but it was well needed and eventually he did sleep..for a whole 50 After they had to head back home, we went to Lowes and got a planter for my Herb garden and some other little things for my garden. It was nice because Logan allowed me to We then came back home and got everything planted...then relaxed in the living room eating pizza and watching my DVD.
The best part of the day was having the time to breathe and put my feet up!-YAH!