Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Special Little Nephew Turns "1"

I have to share some cute pictures from his Birthday Party!

He has a smile that can melt anyone's heart! Logan loves to play with him and make him laugh!

His Mom and Dad have been through some scarely moments with him

- But they were able to celebrate this special day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

...My Little Girl Prepares

It is that time again, for Brittany to go to her Dad's for the summer. But this year is very different. It is like she knows this year it is going to be a big change and she is giving up a lot more to make the trip. Fortunately she understands the value of the trip and the reason it needs to happen. I unfortunately have moments of sadness and would love to give her 10 excuses why she should stay. But then what kind of Mom would I be?
She is struggling with Logan not understanding why she is gone, but I told her that is my job to make that transition go smoothly and it is not something she should stress about. She will definitely be missed by him! Especially the wake up calls..lol She also has a boyfriend she is having to be away from and her wonderful friends...but with college approaching this might prepare her for the fact that she can survive without those things because it opens the door to new things.
We have had many heart-to-hearts lately, and I can honestly say my little girl is turning into quite the young adult.
So maybe I did my job okay with her!