Thursday, April 10, 2008

The day of our lives...

I was sitting here trying to remember when was the last time I had a complete Drama free it has been a long time! Between Bentley's vet visits, Britt's episode with the ambulance and ER and then Logan's head trauma incident...I need a bout of relaxation. The part I laugh about is we have actually a dedicated line item in the budget for medical expenses...I think we need to re-evaluate that dollar

This weekend my "no so little" girl is going to take her ACT test - Wow! I can't believe how time has flown by! I remember sitting with her when she was in 3rd grade working on homework at the dining room table telling myself "I can't believe how many more years I have to do this...ugh" and now look one more year to go and she is officially going to graduate! I am so excited for her to begin her life...but the Mom in me wants her to be around all the time. I better start saving for all those 'Senior Year' expenses!

Logan is talking more and more all the time. He is forming sentences, and that is what I notice more and more. The other day he said "Mom, sing to me more" - and I had a 'Mommy heart smile' know they feeling inside where it feels like you heart just smiled from the inside out...ok..well I don't know how else to explain Anyway this is definitely an enjoyable time for me and Logan! He is still not sleeping wonderfully so me and Tim have broke down and are having him sleep with us when he wakes up the first time...I know I know..bad..bad...but darn it I need sleep after 2 years and besides I feel good knowing he is resting well. Besides the way I see it you either pay in the beginning or at the end...and I was just getting tired of paying for it...I need a break....I will deal with the repercussions later - for now I am going to take advantage of some good beauty sleep! I think the people I work with has appreciated that I am getting more sleep the

I am hoping for a productive weekend of landscaping - because Logan is enjoying the dirt in the backyard a little too much - but I will tell you Shout pretreater Rocks! I am a little nervous about us doing the work ourselves - but the feeling of accomplishment when it is all done makes it worth it. So far we have re-routed the sprinklers and are now going to level out an area in the backyard where the retaining wall will be going up -creating a playground area for Logan and we are also creating a bigger walkway area from the back porch area to the playground. Then begins the fun part - my garden and the planting of all the flowers!