Friday, June 11, 2010

Guilt Free and Loving It!

I used to put so much pressure on myself to be the best Mom ever, like all of us mothers do. I always felt I came up short because I worked a full time job. Then in the last 3 months I have decided I am probably better than I give myself credit for. Not that I am bragging or placing myself upon a pedestal. I just think I devote more time to my kids while working then I might if I was home all day with them. I think having the "ME" time makes me more focused.

I get to challenge my mind mentally and socialize with my co-workers on a daily basis. This is what I consider "ME" time. Then when 5:30pm rolls around, I switch to mommy mode! During Mommy mode I get to arrive home and give him his 20 minutes of totally mommy time before dinner. We all sit down for dinner together and share our day's activities with each other. (how many families do that anymore?) After dinner we get dishes done then we head outside! It is this time that I look forward to. We talk about the garden and how it is changing, we chase lizards and frogs, and spray each other with the garden hose. Our night usually winds down with a wrestling match with Dad, bath time, and then cuddle time on the couch with 30 minutes of TV time. Then begins our one-on-one bedtime story telling and crazy conversations. Might not seem like a lot to some, but how many stay at home Moms have the time to do that everyday?

I thought all families do this. I thought all families eat dinner together and play outside with their kids and constantly think about the next best activity to do with them. But I am finding out that I may actually be an exception. I stay up until 1am every night so I can get my housework done and grocery shopping accomplished without taking away from my time with the children - I thought this was normal?? After some inquiring I did with other working and non-working Moms - this is definitely not The best part of this is that it works for me! - and I am finally okay with where I am and satisfied with how I decided to be a Mommy :)

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