Sunday, June 13, 2010


I always imagined having a house full of kids one day. I never expected there to be 15 years in between when I had my first child and when I had my second. Of course I didn't think it would take 2 marriages I also have a step-son but unfortunately he doesn't live with us. So now I am 38 years old and not sure if my body can handle another pregnancy, so I am thinking about adoption.
I was checking out some sites where children are waiting for adoption here locally. I noticed there are a lot of siblings waiting to be adopted by a single family. That is when I realized that maybe I am supposed to adopt a set of siblings instead of just one child. My dream would then come true and hopefully their dream would come true too.
I am aware of the fact that I have many obstacles to overcome before I could do that, and that is a bit frustrating, but I am determined! I figured once my 19 yr old moves out I would gain an extra room, and if there was a boy he could share a room with Logan even. Unless of course the housing market decided to change and we could get a bigger house. There is the adoption cost that would need to be considered, but I have been in debt before, so that doesn't seem like a deal
I am a planner, and even though the hubby wants to wait until the oldest moves out before looking into this option, I decided I needed to satisfy my desire by researching it as much as possible before then. So I would love it if anyone who has gone through the adoption process would send me some links or additional information. Wish me luck!

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