Thursday, April 16, 2009

Perfection Connection..

I have been stressing over everything these days. I want Brittany to have the perfect Prom night! I want to find the perfect Graduation Invitations! I want to plan the best Grad Party ever! I want to plan the best week vacation when laine and my family are here! Why can't I settle for simple and easy. I guess I have waited so long for Britt's graduation, her prom, and to have my whole family around me. That eventhough I know I can not plan the perfect events - I know they wil be perfect anyway...because of who will be there. I have no one to impress but my little girl, and I guess that is where the pressure comes from...I want her to have the most perfect memories!
Mommies have it hard!

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Tim Justynski said...

You are the perfect mommy, and everything always turns out wonderful.